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  builder name Designer Lenght Year  
Compis 28 Börjesson Brothers Bernt Andersson 8,60 mt 1968 show more
Etap 26 Etap Van De Stadt 7,90 mt   show more
Gib Sea 312 Plus Gibert Marine (Gib Sea) Rob Humphreys 10,00 mt   show more
Oceanis 351 Beneteau Jean Berret 10,62 mt 1994 show more
Amel 54 Amel   17,20 mt 2005 show more
Aria 757 Rinaldi Sergio Abrami 7,57 mt   show more
Alpa Dodi 6,70 Alpa Van De Stadt 6,70 mt   show more
Comet 1000 Comar Yachts Groupe Finot 9,75 mt 1979 show more
Gib Sea Pico Plus Gibert Marine (Gib Sea) Joubert-Nivelt 6,34 mt 1985 show more
Aloa 27 Aloa Marine Frans Maas, Jacques Fauroux 8,30 mt 1975 show more
faurby 460 Faurby Niels Peter Faurby 14,70 mt 2022 show more
Wibo 930 Van Wijk Van De Stadt 9,45 mt 1972 show more
First 25 Beneteau Groupe Finot 7,50 mt 1979 show more
Dehler 22 Dehler Van De Stadt 6,60 mt 1993 show more
Navis 33 Navis Yachts   9,82 mt 1975 show more
Violati 37 - oneoff Sail Power Engineering Mario Violati 11,50 mt   show more
Rimar 36 Rimar s.r.l. Groupe Finot 10,85 mt   show more
Condor 20 Condor Boats Fernando Gomis 6,00 mt   show more
Oceanis 461 Clipper Beneteau Bruce Farr 14,10 mt 1996 show more
Comet 800 Comar Yachts Groupe Finot 7,80 mt 1978 show more
Arya 415 Arya Yachts Cossutti yacht design, Studio Lostuzzi 12,70 mt 2007 show more
Oceanis 54 Beneteau Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design 16,70 mt 2009 show more
Feeling 39 Alliaura Marine Philippe Briand 11,70 mt   show more
Feeling 32 Alliaura Marine Joubert-Nivelt, Patrick Roséo 9,95 mt   show more
Ziggurat 995 C.P.R. Andrea Vallicelli 9,95 mt 1981 show more

Sailboat data sheets

On this website you will find many datasheets of the main mass-produced sailboat models: they are informations and contents found by passion over many years of research and checks on the net. Now this archive is free for you to consult and compare various sailboats, create a list of your favorite sailboats and much more: we are just at the beginning!

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