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  builder name Designer Lenght Year  
Legende 36 Alu Plaisance Philippe Subrero 11,00 mt 1985 show more
Sun Fast 37 Jeanneau Jacques Fauroux 11,40 mt 2000 show more
Sun Odyssey 34.2 Jeanneau Jacques Fauroux 10,30 mt 1998 show more
X 332 X Yachts Niels Jeppesen 10,31 mt 1994 show more
Hanse 371 Hanse Yachts Judel/Vrolijk 11,35 mt 2004 show more
Coronado 25 (Coronado Club 760) Playvisa Ed Edgar, Frank W. Butler 7,60 mt 1966 show more
oceanis 381 Beneteau Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design 11,75 mt 1996 show more
First 40.7 Beneteau Bruce Farr 11,99 mt   show more
Beneteau 50 Beneteau Bruce Farr 15,48 mt 1997 show more
Beneteau 25 Beneteau Bruce Farr 7,51 mt 1997 show more
Oceanis 381 Clipper Beneteau Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design 11,50 mt 1998 show more
Bavaria 30 Bavaria Yachts Axel Mohnhaupt 9,45 mt 1993 show more
Comet 303 Comar Yachts Andrea Vallicelli 9,50 mt 1989 show more
Beneteau 57 Beneteau Bruce Farr 17,20 mt 2002 show more
Bavaria 35 match Bavaria Yachts J&J Design 10,80 mt 2004 show more
Hanse 370 Hanse Yachts Judel/Vrolijk 11,35 mt 2006 show more
Hanse 375 Hanse Yachts Judel/Vrolijk 11,35 mt 2009 show more
Hanse 355 Hanse Yachts Judel/Vrolijk 10,59 mt 2010 show more
Contessa 32 Jeremy Rogers David Sadler 9,75 mt 1971 show more
Najad 331 - 332 Najad Varvet Judel/Vrolijk 9,98 mt 1995 show more
Gib Sea 33 Gibert Marine (Gib Sea) J&J Design, Olivier Poncin 9,95 mt 2000 show more
Compis 28 Börjesson Brothers Bernt Andersson 8,60 mt 1968 show more
Fireball   Peter Milne 4,93 mt 1962 show more
Hanse 350 Hanse Yachts Judel/Vrolijk 10,59 mt 2007 show more
Hanse 300 Hanse Yachts Yachtzentrum Greifswald 8,99 mt 2002 show more

Sailboat datasheets

On this website you will find many datasheets of the main mass-produced sailboat models: they represent information and contents found, organized and archived by passion over many years of meticulous research and checks on the net. Now this archive is at your disposal to consult and compare various models of sailboats, create your favorite lists and much more. We are just at the beginning!

How can I contribute?

Are you a passionate sailor who want to contribute to the Sailing The Web archive? You can do this by entering the data of a missing sailboat or by proposing an existing datasheet update: please check that the data you are transmitting to us comes from reliable sources, such as the brochure of the shipyard or the documentation of your boat. . - search a sailboat in the database