SailingTheWeb: who we are.

We are IT, we are technological, we are communicative, we are social (just a few), we are young (even if not too much), but mainly we are SAILORS with an unstoppable passion for sailing, the sea, the boats, all boats that float, wooden boats, plastic boats, aluminum, ferro-concrete, paper, lead boats, no attention that perhaps they don't float! We have spent most of our life on a boat or around them and we have addressed all our projects to them, dedicating tons of time and money.

We began to archive the data of sailing boats decades ago, keeping the brochures of the yards we met at the boat shows and we continued with the advent of the web, finding information, photographs and other contents during our research and comparisons. Then we organized them to make them accessible to all of you sailing friends and professionals in the nautical sector. We will continue undeterred, growing our data archive enriching it more and more with excellent nautical services.

Collaborate with us

If you are a passionate sailor and wish to collaborate with us, you are welcome and we have so many activities to do that no one will ever be bored. What we need most is some of your time to devote updating the sailboat datasheets. If you want you can offer your contribution immediately, by inserting new boats for which you have the technical data, or by proposing updates to existing cards. For any other opportunities contact us.

If you do not have time to dedicate, you can offer your contribution through a small cash donation, which will allow us to maintain and continue to develop this precious archive.