Dufour Yachts


Dufour Yachts is a French sailboat manufacturer which was founded in 1964 by naval architect and engineer Michel Dufour. It was purchased by Fountaine Pajot in 2018, and Dufour remains a separate brand.

Produced sailboats

Dufour 525 Grand Large Dufour 525 Grand Large Dufour Yachts Patrick Roséo, Umberto Felci 15,32 mt 2008 show more
Dufour 54 Dufour 54 Dufour Yachts   16,90 mt 1990 show more
Dufour 65 Dufour 65 Dufour Yachts   19,70 mt 1994 show more
Dufour Atoll 43 Dufour Atoll 43 Dufour Yachts   12,50 mt   show more
Dufour Sortilege 41 Sloop Dufour Sortilege 41 Sloop Dufour Yachts Michel Dufour 12,50 mt 1971 show more
Dufour T6 Dufour T6 Dufour Yachts Laurent Cordelle, Michel Dufour 6,15 mt 1981 show more
Dufour T7 Dufour T7 Dufour Yachts Jean-Louis Noir 6,72 mt 1980 show more
Duo 26 Duo 26 Dufour Yachts Philippe Costard 8,00 mt 1999 show more
Frers 39 Frers 39 Dufour Yachts German Frers 11,54 mt   show more
Gib Sea 41 Gib Sea 41 Dufour Yachts J&J Design 12,45 mt 2003 show more
Nautitech 82 Nautitech 82 Dufour Yachts Joubert-Nivelt 25,00 mt   show more
Safari 27 Safari 27 Dufour Yachts Michel Dufour 8,25 mt   show more
Sortilege Ketch Sortilege Ketch Dufour Yachts Michel Dufour 12,50 mt   show more
Sylphe Sylphe Dufour Yachts Michel Dufour 6,54 mt   show more