Bavaria 32 - Bavaria Yachts / STW000650

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Datos técnicos

  • STW000650

  • Bavaria 32

  • Bavaria Yachts

  • J&J Design

  • crucero de cabina

  • crucero

  • Sloop

  • fibra de vidrio


  • 0000-0000

  • Volvo MD2030 29CV - saildrive

  • longitud total

    10,30 mt
  • longitud casco

  • longitud línea de flotación

    8,50 mt
  • haz máximo

    3,35 mt
  • tipo de quilla

    quilla fija  
  • calado estándar

    1,50 mt
  • calado mínimo

    00,00 mt
  • desplazamiento

    3900,00 kg
  • lastre

    00,00 kg
  • reserva de agua

    00,00 lt
  • reserva de diesel

    00,00 lt

Plan de vela

convertir a pies
  • área de vela

  • vela mayor

  • focue

  • spinnaker

  • altura del mástil

    00,00 mt
  • I (rating)

    00,00 mt
  • J (rating)

    00,00 mt
  • P (rating)

    00,00 mt
  • E (rating)

    00,00 mt
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FORO TÉCNICO: Bavaria 32

Good morning I just bought a 2002 Bavaria 32 sailboat. With the boat on the ground for several months, when it rained, the central bilge compartment (at the foot of the ladder to climb to the cockpit) filled with water which then passed into the other compartments where the bolts that hold the centreboard are. Assuming that the water came from the opening side portholes, I treated the seals with vaseline oil and for several months the water no longer entered even with heavy storms. Now that the boat is at sea in the rain it has happened again. I then tried the vaseline oil treatment again but this time it didn't work. Unfortunately the boat is counter-moulded and you cannot see exactly where the infiltrations originate from, which in any case flow into the bilge from the scupper from the bulkhead/cavity that separates the aforementioned compartment from those where the centreboard bolts are located What can I do? I also thought it was a defect in the water system but then the good outcome of the first treatment with the vaseline would not be explained. Thank you
15/05/2023 by stw-5602