Dehler is a German brand of sailing yachts. It is originated in the former Dehler shipyard that was founded in the 1960s by Willi and Heinz Dehler. As of 2009, the brand belongs to German yacht manufacturer HanseYachts, Greifswald. Dehler cooperates with the yacht design studio Judel/Vrolijk & Co. The current range comprises six models from 29 to 46 ft in length.

Produced sailboats

Dehler 41 deck saloon Dehler 41 deck saloon Dehler Judel/Vrolijk 12,45 mt   show more
Dehler DB1 Dehler DB1 Dehler Van De Stadt 10,10 mt   show more
Dehlya 25 Dehlya 25 Dehler Van De Stadt 7,60 mt 1985 show more
Duetta 86 Duetta 86 Dehler   8,60 mt   show more
Optima 92 Optima 92 Dehler Van De Stadt 9,20 mt 1972 show more
Sprinta Sport Sprinta Sport Dehler Van De Stadt 7,00 mt 1978 show more
Varianta 65 Varianta 65 Dehler   6,50 mt 1973 show more
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