Comar Yachts


Comar began operations in Forlì, in 1961 (then it was called Sipla), with the production of Flying Junior in fibreglass. In those years plastic constructions were in its infancy and the company had a pioneering flavour. Growing rapidly, Sipla laid the foundations of popular boating in Italy: the Van de Stadt Meteor, a fast and habitable boat, provided Italians with an easy-to-manage vehicle. But the revolution came in 1971 with Comet 910. Designed jointly by Van de Stadt and Finot, the 910 was so innovative and particular that on the eve of the launch, with the boat registered in the Middle Sea Race, the two designers without prior agreements with each other called the same day to Sipla to deny the authorship of that revolutionary object. We know how it went: 910 won the regatta by humiliating much larger and more famous boats. The commercial success was surprising and lasting: the new boat remained in production for more than fifteen years and was produced in almost a thousand specimens. Thanks to it, Sipla was able to build new factories, the most modern of the time, and lay the foundations for the subsequent growth of the models. Meanwhile, after ten years of experience, the company changed its name to Comar: with Finot they constituted a very successful combination, such as the Comet 801 or the Comet 11,13 and 14, characterised by new choices also for the interior, where the square was moved to the extreme stern. In the water there were quick and comfortable boats, with bold deck equipment for the time, such as bow reel and rollaranda, and the sales prices were very competitive. In the eighties, Comar joined Finot with other great designers, such as Doug Peterson and Andrea Vallicelli. Comfortable and fast boats are born, with more traditional lines but always in step with the times.

Produced sailboats

Comet 9,25 Comet 9,25 Comar Yachts Zaghi 9,25 mt 1977 show more
Comet 910 Comet 910 Comar Yachts Groupe Finot, Van De Stadt 9,10 mt 1971 show more
Comet 910 plus Comet 910 plus Comar Yachts Groupe Finot 9,16 mt 1980 show more
Genesi 43 Genesi 43 Comar Yachts Andrea Vallicelli 13,10 mt 2003 show more
Genesi Europa Genesi Europa Comar Yachts Andrea Vallicelli 13,10 mt 1992 show more
Meteor M8 Meteor M8 Comar Yachts Van De Stadt 8,00 mt 1975 show more
Phoenix 50 Phoenix 50 Comar Yachts   15,20 mt   show more