Grand Soleil 50 JV / Cantiere del Pardo

Boat sailing area Charter duration
Northern Sardinia 1 week
Ponza and Pontine Islands 1 week
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands 1 week
Sailing Amalfi 1 week

Our comments
During a two-week cruise on the Grand Soleil 50, Cantieri del Pardo, you often feel two strong impulses: to embrace the boat designer who has created a very good and fast vessel, and at the same time to kick a project manager
that has riddled te boat with small problems, enough to drive an experienced sailor crazy. God and the Devil are, you know, in detail! Great design, good equipment and a modern sail plan to push the boat speed and GS 50 in the rankings of the races. Certainly we would not sail against uncomfortably high seas, say more than half a meter, since the speed achieved with the design and weight is a remarkable price when it faces the wave.
Perfect for the Adriatic, Croatia, Greece and the Ionian Sea Sardinia (East Coast), I'm not having too much fun on the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rather than leaving the Med with this boat, I'd join a commercial ship, because some genius has designed a beautiful fender container right behind the anchor, and this huge space is not self-draining, a few cubic meter that if you fill salt water, it becomes a few tons. Chapeau.
The interior is fine, elegant and well finished, without being linear, thankfully, minimal. The cabin is adequate for the price and category, the good toilets. Too bad the plastic ceiling has been copied from the Ryanair Boeing. In conclusion: charter and have fun, but let someone else buy it.


- TVand DVD
- hot and cold deck shower and swim platform
- Saloon dining table seating for ten
- Sunbathing cushions


- Fresh Fruit Juices
- Tea and Coffee
- Cereals and Muesli with fresh Fruits
- Assortment of Jams
- French Toast
- Eggs of your Choice

- Cheese, walnuts and apple salad
- Octopus and olives salad
- Octopus and potato salad
- Shellfish and rice salad
- Salmon and cheese salad
- Potatoes with capers and onions
- Various rice and pasta salads
- Mixed salads
- Tuna, tomatoes and capers salad
- Caprese salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil


- Bruschetta and Crossing with a variation of Homemade Spreads
- Oven Baked Salt Crusted fish and salads
- Stuffed squid
- Stuffed squid with cheese and tomatoes
- Mussels marinara
- Mussels provencale
- 'Crazy water' fish (according to market availabilities)
- Green sauce fish (according to market availabilities)
- Parmesan eggpland
- Seabass with artichokes and potatoes
- Salt crusted sea-bass
- Tuna steak with capers, Tropea onions and fresh pachino tomatoes
- Swordfish with capers, Tropea onions and fresh pachino tomatoes
- Fresh shellfish pasta
- Paella and seafood risotto
- Prawns, various styles (garlic sauce, sauteed, Sicilian style and so on...)
- Swordfish and eggpland pasta
- Shrimp and eggpland lasagna
- Spaghetti with mussels and/or clams
- black spaghetti and risotto

Desserts, cheese plates and choice of coffee

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