Orana 44 / Fountaine Pajot

Boat sailing area Charter duration
Ionian Islands in Greece 1 week
Aegean Greece 1 week
Greece Dodecannese 1 week
The Caribbean - Windward Islands 1 week


- TV's, DVD's, CD's and iPod connections in all cabins and saloon
- generator
- hot and cold deck shower and swim platform
- Cockpit drinks fridge
- Onboard BBQ
- Saloon dining table seating for ten
- Cockpit table seating for eight
- Sunbathing cushions
- Water Maker
- Selection of books and DVD library
- Satellite phone
- Double inflatable kayak
- Two fishing rods and equipment
- Snorkelling gear


The "good table" on Bluenose is a fundamental aspect of the life, only and unavoidable occasion in order to be in company and to enjoy one of the best things of the vacation in sailing boat. Bluenose offers to the own guests one varied and creative kitchen, particularly careful to the choice of the raw materials, all really fresch.
A kitchen that in its more characteristic preparations in the Mediterranean like to the Caribbeans, the search of an equilibrium between colors and flavours and one particular attention to the resources of the sea and the traditions and the local production. In this short pages, Bluenose proposes some easy recipes for simple but nice plates, to prepare in boat after one beautiful swim or one excursion for earth….

Spaghetti with squids and onion
To the very warm oil you add abundant onion and when this “will have withered” to add the large squids very cleaned up and it cuts to pieces.
Vanished with of the good white wine, to salt (if it's possible with pure marine water glass!!) and to cook for about 15 min. until that they have caught up a red color and the sauce has been reduced and thickened. Panfuls the spaghetti drain you to the tooth with the sauce and… dusted with raped peel of lemon.To serve very warm and to taste…. before the attack from the other boats !!

Tramezzini of the sailor
(one the most useful prescription against sea sik…!).
Toasted the fettine of pan carrè and spread with Philadelphia cheese (if you do not have other).You add on every slice a anchovy thread and a little tomatoes cut to half.Flavored with extra-virgin olive oil …. of Italian high quality.

Tortiglioni to vegetables
Cut the eggplants in dice, the red and yellow capsicum and the little tomatoes or better "ciliegina" .Poured the vegetable in a goblet and dry with extra-virgin oliveoil, some leaf of basil, knows them, one little piece of chipped garlic, raped bread and good parmesan cheese.Poured all in a frying pan, add sufficient water and put into an warm oven.To completed baking, drained the tortiglioni to the tooth and add the very warm vegetables, with a lot of raped parmesan.

Polpo to the red wine
Fry abundant onion in the very warm oliveoil. Add the polpo as soon as fished and makes it you to cook, in the pot to pressure (you will possibly be calmer during navigation).When baking arrives to half reopens and with good a red wine cellar .....The continuation we tell to you to edge of Bluenose!!!

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