Lagoon 440 / Lagoon

Boat sailing area Charter duration
Sailing the Balearics 1 week

Lagoon 440 Lagoon 440 has the latest state-of-the-art design, style and technology this cocktail resulted in a perfect catamaran for the charter and an outstanding ship for deep sea navigation. The difference between a single hull and a multiple hull is well known, but the real difference is to live on board, sailing; when docking the catamaran is a true platform on the sea that does not head nor winds ropes, allowing everyone, even the most inexperienced ones, to wander freely from prow to stern, or climb up the panoramic bimini top without feeling seasick; the catamaran does not move from side to side, does not create situations to feel unbalanced, there are no sudden movements o turns after which everything and everyone has to be rearranged. The most adequate image is that of being able to have a suite over the sea, but located at the most beautiful and most desirable place minute after minute: a comfortable bunk bed, waking up with the first sunlight, the most amazing sea bed and isolated spot to swim and dive, docking with the prow facing the berth and the stern pointing the sunset. Going on board, one can immediately notice two external innovations, a cockpit completely free from control panels, winch, rails, gears and ropes, getting a wide space with U-shaped benches, the awning and the bimini top give a comfortable shelter from the sun and from the unusual rains, no more almost hermetic tents which must be taken away when there is a strong wind. Above the bimini top, through two ladders, one of them going from the hull, you can get to the wheel house. It's a pleasure to be able to maneuver from such a privileged observation deck! From up there you have a 360º view. But not only is it possible to watch the sea, the sea bed and floating buoys, you can also rest in the comfort of the seats that have room for more people. At the Lagoon prow there is another completely new area, a cockpit with seats just between the shaft and the nets; if while in the prow y

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