Thailand - Phang Na Bay and Similan Islands

Similan Islands, Mergui Archipelago, Phang Nga Bay, Surin islands

The greater Phuket area including the provinces of Phang Nga, Krabi and Trang have emerged as star performers in Thailand's thriving tourism industry.Pristine beaches, crystal clear blue waters, warm winter climate and isolated magical islands are the prime attractions that lure millions of tourists here every year

Our sailing notes

Weather: The bay offers year round shelter, even during the heavy months of the monsoon a yacht can find calm waters, tranquility and dramatic beauty. When the northeast monsoon season arrives in November/December, the bay transforms itself into a fabulously beautiful playground and great day sailing destination. Safe anchorages are numerous in the bay. When exploring the bay, a dinghy, or a sea canoe is needed to get into the many little coves, bays and tidal seacaves which open up to hidden lagoons within the center of many islands.

Destinations: Moving south from northern Phang Nga Bay you'll discover that the water clarity changes from a thick milky green to a near crystal clear clarity around the islands off Krabi. These islands offer outstanding pristine beaches. Krabi itself is one of the most dramatically beautiful places you'll ever see. Phra Nang beach, where moutainous slabs or limestone tower over each end of the beach has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Heading further south from Krabi the snorkelling becomes even more interesting. There are beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of small, colourful reef fish. The Phi Phi Islands are a must see port of call in the common, circular route taking in the three provinces that enclose Phang Nga bay. Anchorages here are plentiful, usually deserted and always beautiful. From here boats sail east, then turn south to the Ko Hong (Krabi) group of islands. If weather permits, these make a delightful overnight stop. Phra Nang, Krabi is the next overnight stop for most. The Similan Islands is another major, but very different island attraction in the Andaman Sea. They are located north west of Phuket and compose nine, low-lying islands which are completely different in there geological form to Phang Nga's Bays sea mountains.

Over 1000 miles of coastline bordering the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, literally thousands of islands, countless beaches with pristine white sand, crystal waters and super coral reefs , hidden creeks and headlands meeting the sea, mystical sea mountains. All these combine with a tropical climate to create the world's most stunning cruising waters. Welcome to Thailand . The Thailand that independent cruising yachtsmen tell tales about on their travels. This Thailand that many have never left.

The sheer numbers of destination awaiting you within Thailand 's borders is outdone only by the unbelievable variety. From world-class marina to tiny fishing village, from big city Pattaya to deserted beaches and uninhabited islands, this is the marine wonderland of Thailand . This is Asia 's boating playground. This is the “ Caribbean ” of East.

Ko Racha Yai 12 miles south of Phuket A very popular anchorage with an excellent beach, crystal clear water and a new resort with restaurants. Racha is also a popular snorkel, kayak and dive destination near Phuket.
krabi Ko Rok Nok 48 miles South of Phuket These twin islands are separated by narrow channel. Anchorage is in the channel with gin-clear clear water, good snorkeling, plenty of beaches to explore by kayak, a trek ashore to a lookout and diving. There is a shrine on the shore surrounded by phallus effigies. You will find minimal facilities at the National Parks station. Expect to see some day tourist boats with the place to yourselves early morning and later afternoon and over night. Pure Relaxation.
Rok Nok Phi Phi Islands 28 miles ESE of Phuket Koh Phi Phi Lee Here we find Maya Bay made famous by the movie "The Beach". Phi Phi Le lays 20 miles east of Phuket Island. Maya Bay is a picturesque bay with majestic limestone cliffs. Phi Phi Lee makes a pleasant stopover before Phi Phi Don. phi phi Koh Phi Phi Don Is an excellent anchorage in most if not all conditions and is protected by huge limestone cliffs. Facilities ashore include numerous restaurants catering for all tastes, low- key nightclubs and the mandatory clothes and souvenir shops. There are an abundance of activities ashore to keep one occupied. Phi Phi is a great place to partake in a traditional Thai massage. One of the most pleasant walks in the area can be found here, to a lookout above the two bays, Tonsai Bay and Yongkasem Bay. Picture postcard quality photos can be taken here.
Phang Nga Bay is 30 miles NE of Phuket with 220sq miles of breathtaking surroundings. Here you will find numerous limestone formations rising vertically up from the seabed to as high as 350 m (1150 ft) make up scenery that is unique in the world. Several of the pinnacles shaped islands feature hongs (Thai for room). A Hong is a large space inside, such an island with a chimney -like opening to the sky. Try to imagine being inside the crater of a long-dead volcano. Access to hongs is mostly by kayak or dinghy at certain heights of the tide. The atmosphere inside a Hong is one of a strange tranquility and sheer beauty Phang Nga Bay's limestone islands and cliffs are riddled with caves, many of which can be safely explored on foot or again by kayak or dinghy. On the shores you'll find prolific flora and fauna. In the late afternoons you will often see and hear crab-eating macaques (monkeys) on the beaches hunting their favourite prey.

Similan Islands 55 miles NW of Phuket
An archipelago of nine islands. One of which has a tiny settlement and a small
restaurant. Typical for these islands are the abundance of huge boulders, which make up weird and spectacular formations. Good snorkeling and kayaking. The Similans are considered to be Thailand's best diving area.

Surin Islands
Virtually on Thai/Burmese (Myanmar) border.
Breathtakingly beautiful with mostly deserted beaches and lush rainforest. You will find a small colony of Sea Gypsies here and a national parks office along with a small group of bungalows. The Sea Gypsy village is sensibly located near a stream that provides fres

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