Sailing Amalfi

Amalfi coast and Positano, Capri and Ischia, Pontine Islands and probably the top spot is the Roman harbour in Ventotene

A cruise between Amalfi and Ponza is like time spent suspended in a movie on the 50s. Here you can still find real Mediterranean villages like Procida, stunning architecture from the times of Augustus to those of Niemayer and shouting fishmongers where prawns still move...

Our top 3 SAILPRO anchorages

1. Chiaia di Luna in Ponza

2. Corricella in Procida

3. Ischia castello

Our Sailing notes

Weather and navigation

Sea: te coast between Amalfi and Ponza is somewhat lacking shelters and one is forced to use ports mainly along the Amalfi Coast when the wind is from the west. Swell is usually non existent in summer and basically in season you can anchor off Ventotene, Ponza, Procida and Capri. 

Wind: westerlies and fronts are the only danger and are rare in summer. Libeccio from the SW is the main danger but it's easy to forecast and there are good shelters in Ponza and Procida. The Amalfi coast is not windy in the least. 

Harbours and Marinas

The organization is typically Italian, meaning that either you 'know someone' or you cannot find a berth. In Amalfi call Giulio at Marina Coppola and he'll act as a pilot too. Capri is simply too expensive. Excellent marina in Procida and Castellammare. And enjoy the unique experience of mooring in a real roma harbour in Ventotene...

Gastronomy : the importance of realizing that happiness is hard to achieve with an empty stomach cannot be overstressed. And the Naples area is simply PARADISE. 


From Salerno to Amalfi is a quick sail. Moor at Pontile Coppola and enjoy the amazing town, with a side trip to Ravello too. Then the day after Positano with its colourful alleys and a nice sail to Capri, an island that defies any definition. Just think that emperor Augustus simply said 'it's mine'. Period. Our suggestion is to anchor in the south side close to the Faraglioni and cross the island on foot to the port while the skipper sail around the island to pick you up. Leave the credit card aboard. From Amalfi it's 14 miles to Procida, the lesser known of the area but one of our favourites. Excellent marina, and amazing village and much less touristic. Either use the marina or anchor off Corricella. 

Ischia is certainly a place not to be missed although the only anchorage is under the Aragorn castle. well, it could be worse! From Ischia it's 24 miles to Ventotene, a small jewel with its architecture and unique roman harbour. It was basically hand-hammered out of the red sandstone more than 2 millenia ago, and it's still perfectly working. Not huge, of course, but perfect for 15 boats or so. 

It's just other 14 miles to the island of Ponza, home of many 'best of' like the 'best beach in Italy' - Chiaia di Luna, and nicest Island of the coast. Anchor off chiaia di Luna or the main village according to the wind. Better to avoid august here.

The island of Palmarola lies just 4 miles west of Ponza and it can be considered a huge rock, 5 miles long, and  surrounded by and endless series swimming pools. Just do not forget your cigarettes before sailing here... 

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