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Ionian Islands in Greece on a charter yacht

Sailing in Greece

Ionian Islands in Greece

It's not a chance that Ulysses started his voyage in these waters. Numberless islands, desert coves and beaches, romantic ports, rich tavernas, plenty of wind and well organized services. With just a tiny bit of history and art thrown in...

Sailing the Balearics on a charter yacht

Sailing in Spain

Sailing the Balearics

A good example of how tourism can be effectively developed and organized without slaughtering heritage and landscape, the Balearic Islands became an absolute favourite among northerners and Anglo-Saxons... Each island is profoundly different, but all share a very good service for yachts, excellent charter fleets, plenty of anchorages and opportunities for everyone.

Tuscany and Elba on a charter yacht

Sailing in Italy

Tuscany and Elba

Cruising these waters is magic, because you can have breakfast in a quintessential Mediterranean Island like Elba or Capraia and then dinner around the wild and scottish atmosphere of Cape Corse. And sipping Tuscan wine on top of it.

Greece Dodecannese on a charter yacht

Sailing in Greece

Greece Dodecannese

Bouncing between Greece and Turkey is a bit like jumping between Europe and Asia, with the best of both Worlds. European cuisine, Turkish relax, the deepest fjords of the Mediterranean and the most amazing collection of islands in Europe

Featured charter yachts

Yacht for charter: Oceanis 45

Oceanis 45

Marina Mandalina

3,200 /week

bareboat charter

2012 year

45.44 (ft) loa

4 cabins

8 berths

Yacht for charter: Benetti 20 Motorsailer

Benetti 20 Mot...


10,900 /week

luxury charter

1981 year

63.02 (ft) loa

4 cabins

8 berths

Yacht for charter: Jeanneau 509

Jeanneau 509

traveling yacht: no base marina

3,400 /week

bareboat charter

2013 year

50.46 (ft) loa

5 cabins

12 berths


Luxury yachts