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  • List a yachting ad for free with images and videos to sell your boat or list your marina mooring for sale or rent
  • keep a private free archive of the boats you like, so you can fast-check and edit technical data, images and video, and keep up to date with all the updates
  • Join the various forums for free: each specific sailboat model has its specific board where to exchange opinions and precious advice

Enter the SailingCafé, enter the SailingTheWeb network.

The SailingCafè Business, for professionals

The SailingCafé Business offers further opportunities for the nautical industry professionals

If you are active in the maritime industry, do not miss the chance to list your services and products on SailingTheWeb, the global marine network. Once listed in the SailingCafé, just fill in your company data to access the business area.

  • You will be able to list multiple "Power Ads" with enhanced visibility all over the portal and targeted according to the user's preferences
  • Publish your CV: if you succeeded in transforming your passion into a job, you deserve the best online visibility to find the best opportunities. If you are a skipper or a crew member or you simply works in the marine industry, do not hesitate to publish your online CV
  • Monitor in real time your advertisement campaigns published on the SailingTheWeb network