Social Sailing chat, Navigator, Pilot, and Anchor Alarm

SailPro is a GPS navigator connecting you in Social Sailing with sailors from all over the world!


Social Sailing chat, Navigator, Pilot, and Anchor Alarm

The sea is safer when you share it and shared experiences are even more intense.

SailPro allows to sail sharing the information with others, meaning safety and more local knowledge...

Like most good things, SailPro is based on simple ideas:

  • while you are sailing, imagine you could see on a chart where other sailors are and to exchange information with them.
  • when you are arriving, imagine you could choose the most sheltered and beautiful cove among the many posted by other users.
  • when you rest, imagine your smartphone watching your anchor.
  • when you are curious, imagine you could discover all the characteristics of the boats around you.

Now this is possible: just install SailPro on your smartphone and join the Social Sailing.

SailPro is for everyone: yacht owners or simple deckhands are always at sea for the same reason, following the same dream, searching the same deep emotions and the joy only the sea can offer.


The easy-to-use, GPS based navigator is one of the main features of SailPro 1.0; it can support navigation:

  • Route planning
  • Cap over ground – COG
  • Speed over ground – SOG
  • Distance to waypoint
  • Estimated time of arrival – ETA
  • Wheather forecast up to 60 hours
  • Caves and harbours shown on the map can be selected as a destination
  • Distance between points to plan routes

SailPro cap has a central image always pointed at the final destination.

THE CHAT (Social Sailing)

The SailPro chat is a search feature that allows users to see who's sailing around. Click on the 'planet' and the map will show the position of all users, everywhere. Click on a user and start the chat to share your experiences. We stress the safety and 'local knowledge' value of this chat: we can obtain from a sailor in a cove news about the weather conditions in a certain area or the quality of a certain chosen anchorage.

ANCHORAGES (Social Sailing)

An anchorage is both – safety and pleasure. Our dynamic database offers informations about the main characteristics of the anchorage (position, kind of bottom, shelter and comments) and visual images, so that the sailor can quickly have the basics infos for his decisions and immediately select it as a waypoint. Once safely anchored in a new cove, you can share the infos and the images for the database with other sailors. Together we will quickly create one of the most useful tools for a safe and pleasant cruise, a real online pilot.
You can click to head to any showed anchorage showed in the map, system will automatically set navigation routing giving heading, distance and ETA


WikiSailing is our huge database with thousands of sailboat models, easily accessible from your smartphone using SailPro. Technical info and images, in seconds on your screen: a real online boat show!


Quietness is precious. Our system not only allows you to set a circle radius within which you allow your boat to move, but you can precisely move the circle around you so to set in which direction your boat can move and in which direction if it moves you want be warned. Be it for a dredging anchor or for a change of wind.


Save your routes with all your pictures taken. Up to you to share it with facebook


  • Online magazines by our media partner are available on the app at no additional cost

You just need to download!